Treatments for Balance



A soft and warm treatment that supports the energy flow in the body. The treatment helps to relax, create space and clarity in the head and enlarges the balance between mind, body and soul. 

How does it work:

During a treatment we work together to create balance, clarity and relaxation. Your body can relax, you get space in your head and the energy starts to flow. 

I use different methods/instruments (colored light, aura/chakra healing etc.) in order to help you feel good. Energy that is stuck, which manifests itself as pain, emotion or tension, can flow again during a treatment. Unnecesary energy is replaced by fresh energy. That way the energy can move again and you can get in contact with yourself. 

If you would like to hear more about how I work and how a treatment goes or if you want to make an appointment you can contact me (my contact details are at the bottom end of this page).









With what can the treatments help?

Relaxation, to lossen up, to let go of old patterns, for a littlebit of extra attention, to get back into the flow, to feel happy again.


Experiences of clients:


“Very warm and relaxing;  The treatment itself and the feeling afterwards! And the pressure I felt on my breast is gone. ” 


”I experienced the light treatments as very relaxing. Renske gave me a feeling of trust through her down to earth, intuitive and open attitude. ”

"I came because I sometimes make myself smaller in front of others. After the treatments with Renske I felt stronger and felt more secure to stand up for myself. Also I felt more relaxt. (I even take the time to walk now, before I did not have the peace for that, I always jogged!)" 


"I can recommend everybody to go to Renske. She helped me to grow because of her combination of human insight, warmth and treatment methods. After the treatments I feel energetic and touched in a special way. How she does it, I don't know. That it works I know for sure!" 

Costs:  45 euros per treatment (more or less an hour). 

It's also possible to give a relaxing treatment as a present! Gift Vouchers can be ordered with me. 


Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. After 24 hours the reserved time will be accounted for. 


For information or an appointment please contact me: 0031 6 3910 7969 /



Je betaalt 30 euro voor een eerste behandeling

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