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                                             INTUITIVE PAINTING and DRAWING


Showing your feelings through painting. Paint in a free way, paint what you feel like, use the colours that speak to you and enjoy what you are doing without being afraid of the outcome! That is what happens during intuitive painting workshops. The workshops take place in the wooden art space in the garden with a view of the dunes. Through several exercises that suit you, you can start working in your own way. The workshops can help you; to find out what you want, give a different colour to your life, give insight, and it can be a lot of fun and also relaxing to be busy in a creative way. Everybody is capable of being creative and take part in these workshops. Also people that think they are not! The painting, drawing, using colors stimulates the creative process and way of thinking which gives you pleasure and joy.

Sometimes people say to me: "oh, intuïtieve painting, that seems very hard!" It may seem hard, but everybody can do it! Because everybody has feelings and can out these feelings by using colours, symbols, drawings, points, lines or whatever comes up. That what comes out of it is always special and interesting because it is unique and it is yours (and it tells you what is important for you)! When you start and let go of the thought that you ' have to', the process leads you. 

The workshops I give are for 1 person or more. Working by yourself or in a small group gives more time and space to give attention to everybody and may give you more space to feel what comes up inside of you. With more people there are other dynamics and it's more about the enthusiasm and activity. Both fun and interesting, both possible!

It can also be fun to give a workshop as a present to someone!

"i didn't know exactly what to expect and was quite nervous. luckily renske gave us space, motivated us and reassured us where needed, which made the creation go by itself. our emotions and insecurities were allowed to be there without judgement. we were busy in such a nice way that time flew by and we did not have to think or worry about anything else. really nice in the moment and relaxing. an inspiring experience!"

"We had a perfect family-weekend (good food, lots of laughter, Sinterklaas presents). Your workshop certainly also contributed to the perfectness of the weekend. We enjoyed your workshop very much. Upfront especially the nieces wanted to know what we were going to do during the weekend. Everybody looked forward towards the event with anticipation, because everybody was curious how it would go. To describe our experience in a few words: surprising exercises, completely different outcomes, varied exercises, and the final exercise for the whole family was also a successful exercise for us as it gave us something to think about our own family. "

"I followed workshops for change. Interesting and varied work came from it. Also I had a good time during the workshops. Every time I went home feeling well! And that feeling stuck!"  

There are different kinds of workshops (all prices are per person and include materials, coffee/tea and refreshments. The materials I use are of high quality):


Fun, Creativity, Attention and Relaxation

Intuitive Painting Workshop

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Intuitive Painting With Drinks and Bites  

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Family/Parent(s) and Child(ren) Workshop

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Workshops for Change

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Tailormade Workshops

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Colour Your Day

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Colour Your Fantasy!

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Colour Workshops

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