Massage for the Feet

Our feet take us everywhere we want to go. They are always ready for us and we can hardly live without them. 

Still we give a lot of attention to our head and almost no attention to our feet. While it can be so wonderful to give some attention to our feet! By giving them a bath at the end of the day. Or by putting your feet up while sitting or lying. By taking your shoes and socks off and walk around bare feet

Or through a foot massage. Which you can do yourself or you can have someone else do it for you.

foot massage helps the feet and body to relax, it makes you feel grounded and it helps to make the blood flow circulate. You can book a foot massage with me which lasts more or less 40 minutes where I massage and touch your feet using a relaxing oil. A foot massage costs 35 euros. 

You can call or email me for an appointment: 06 3910 7969 / 

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